Real Life or Second Life, is there really a difference?


I have been an avitar in the virtual game of Second Life for almost eight years, and besides the fact that I look nothing like my avitar, I find that my virtual world and my real world mirror themselves.

I thought that when I joined Second Life, that life would be different, more exciting, more glamorous, more everything, but after 7 1/2 years I find that, “YOU CAN’T TAKE THE REAL GIRL, OUT OF THE VIRTUAL ONE!”

I thought for so many years that since my avatar was beautiful, that all would open up to me, and I would be popular, and sought after.  I would have many friends, partners, lovers.  I would be in many groups, enjoying endless parties.  But this is not what happened.

Quit the contrary, my virtual world mirrored my own.  You know why?  Because I as a person, never changed.  You might say that I was foolish, naive, etc.  Than one day, I said, to myself, “So, What!”

I don’t have any partners, never been married in SL, and have only been hurt emotionally once, by a man who left me for another woman, well actually I found out he had several Alts, and many woman.

My friends that I have now are few, but they are true friends and have been so for many years.

I found out that I  was quite good at photography , terraforming, designing, creating, and anything I wanted to do, in world.  I taught myself how to create a blog page, and added social media to my SL.  I also realized that I just love to be alone  in Second Life, and that is okay.

My good friend Trina and I have our own Sim, and eventho she is not on very much, (because she goes to Graphic Arts College), just logging in, gets my adrinline pumping, and my creative juices flowing.

If not for Second Life, I think that I would have went crazy, after being fired from my real life job.  I was so down, and feeling low, that just keeping my mind busy, helped me emotionally to work through the depression that I was in.

In conclusion, remember that you do not need to change the person that you are, in order to fit into a virtual world, and that even tho you are an attractive Avitar, there is no  guarentee that you will, get all the boys, and be the most popular.  Because your personality will shine through, and that is ok.


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