ut's star fall skulls


My friend and partner Trina Stromfield, the owner of UNFORGETTABLE TEMPTATIONS, has created two of the most interesting and beautiful outfits.  STAR FALL SKULLS and GEARED UP BUNNY.

STAR FALL SKULLS was created for the Womenstuff Hunt running from March 1-31st. The cost of joining the Womenstuff group is 5o Lindens. STAR FALL SKULLS comes with matching heels, for the SLINK high feet.

GEARED UP BUNNY is a STEAMPUNK themed outfit created for Easter and is available at UNFORGETTABLE TEMPTATIONS store.  The cost for this is 250 Lindens.  This disigns also come in a pink, purple bunny print, for a whimsical look.

When you come to  the UNFORGETTABLE TEMPTATIONS store, please stop and visit our sim and enjoy SANDY PARADISE NUDE BEACH and the SKYLINE DANCE CLUB.  Clothing is optional except in the store where you must not be nude.

Our sim was  created for people to come and enjoy  no matter if you are alone, or with that special someone. There are many quiet areas to dance,  cuddle, and explore.

Starting Saturdays we plan on having themed dancing, with D.J. TRINA STROMFIELD, at Trina’s club SKYLINE DANCE CLUB.

We look forward to seeing you all.


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