I have been absent from blogging for over six months, and now I am ready to blog .

One of my biggest passions and the one thing that makes me want to log into Second Life everyday is my photography.  It is my passion in both worlds, and I enjoy it.  To be good at something, it must become your passion and your love.

I am still struggling with learning the Wacom tablet, and pen, however, practice makes perfect.  What is wonderful is that you have teachers one click away.

YOUTUBE is a wonderful thing.  So many teacher at your disposal.  You can stop the broadcast at any time, or keep running one step until you finally get it.

The photo above was done, to showcase one of my favorite creators in Second life aki69 who is the owner of {anc}.  His creations and designs are pure art.  So I built this photocube, which matches his own display cases in his store, and places all the items of his that I have to create a whimsical themed picture.

I plan on keeping my blog up to date.  Writing of my experiences in the virtual world of Second Life.  I will not be showcasing any designs on a regular basis nor will I place the names of clothing  I am wearing.  My blog is not that kind of blog.  However, if you as a reader leave a comment question and ask me what I happen to be using or wearing in the comments, I will of course, tell you graciously.

So, dear friends new and old, have a wonderful day, and never stop dreaming.


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