Have you ever played Barbies when you were a kid, or if your a male, maybe G.I. Joes?  This is how I play “my” SECOND LIFE”!  You might be asking yourself, “What the hell is she talking about?”  Well I have a male alt named MANNMagik, and I am partnered to him.  I post pictures of us as a couple, but in fact we are the same person, both online at the same time.

I have been a member of SECOND LIFE for six years, and I have experienced it all. Relationships, baffle me in the virtual world and nothing surprises me in the least.  I have no boyfriend in Second Life nor do I want to deal with a relationship at all.  I do not trust most men in this game.  I have no illusions that a Prince will come along and rescue me from my hum drum life.

My experiences in SECOND LIFE with the male or woman with male alts, is one that never surprises me.  Most men only want you to SLex with them, which I find totally lame in the biggest way.  The second thing the men always ask me is, “Do you SKYPE?”  figuring that they will have a chance to watch me play with myself while they watch me.

Don’t get me wrong, I can get my freak on as well as the next.  I go to BDSM clubs,like the Chamber Society, Teqi’s Lounge, House of V.   But i take my alt MANNMagik with me as my dance partner.  I enjoy my own company the most.

I do not have to carry on lame conversations, where a male wants me to talk dirty to him, while he is touching himself.

I really envy sometimes the people that have found a good partner, in SECOND LIFE.  But, most do not last that long, cause one of both have multiple alts and roam around having affairs with others.  So, I bask in the glow of having one man that I trust, and he is my partner, and also “ME”.

My handsome alt MANNMagik, dresses to my taste in every way, cause I am the one dressing him.  He is an excellent dance partner for clubbing.  Best of all I know at all times where he is and with who.

So, there really is a method to my madness.


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