august 112014

1. Share any of your computer specs (video card, memory, etc..) ? WINDOWS 8.1, PROCESSOR: INTEL i-7-3770 cpu@3.40GHz, memory (RAM) 15.9 GB usable, system 64  bit oper. system x64 base processor, GeForce GTX 660 graphic card

2.Which viewer do you use most often? Firestorm 64 4.65.40833

3.What is your FPS (Frames Per Second) when you have your graphics on ultra? 3.3 not very good. I am surprised that it is this low, which explains a lot.  I find that when taking pictures in world that I must hurry.  Most times I take the picture, than upload to my hard drive, and Photoshop it. I am not a professional, so my pictures do not have to be excellent.

4. How often does Second Life crash for you? Is it usually just a viewer crash or your whole system crashes? What are you usually doing at the moment of the crash? The only time I crash is when I am in SECOND LIFE, and when I do it is because my graphics are on ultra…and I get a system error that my graphic card cannot  function.

5.Do you know of any tips or tricks in the settings that would improve performance? I am sorry I cannot help you there.  I am not a computer expert, and I have to goggle help whenever I am stuck on something.  I do know that before I updated to this newer version of  Firestorm, I had excellent graphic capabilities, and I could log in three avatars for an extended period of time, without any crashes. I have updated my graphic card, system not the card itself.  I am thinking of getting a higher graphic card that will work with my cpu.




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