Am I a Blogger?


Here I go…stumbling into the world of Blogging.  I was wobbly as i started designing my page, and I feel flat on my face, as I struggle with the rss feed for my flickr account, I read the direction, but alas I could not get it to load on my sidebar.

Oh well here i am…anyways. It is 8:30 am est, and I spent four hours getting this up and running.  I spent much effort, and wrote a whole paragraph, only as a draft…oh well it got lost, as I didn’t save it and here I am re-writing this post.

Than I couldn’t find the security level on this blog, so I decided not to place a nude picture…for my first blog.  So here you will find a recent picture I have done.

I am an independent woman who enjoys this virtual world of Second Life. I have been a member for eight years, and have enjoyed ever minute.  I have been challeged, and have grown.  Most things do not come easy for me.  I think I am dyslexic…It takes me a few trys to get something going, but eventually …I stumble, fall, stumble many times and finally to my surprise…I get it!

In this blog, I plan on discussing my likes and dislikes. I am not being paid to endorce any designers.  I just want to discuss anything and everything.

Here I come, blogging…a little wobbly…but off I go, and new adventure.


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